KAROKUL TikTok Statistics

These two TikTok has 1,4 million views totally (August 2019)

KAROKUL TikTok Statistics pr 10th of November 2019

Followers: 161.500
Likes / Hearts: 19 Million

Likes/Hearts: 10.000-100.000 pr post
Reach/views pr post: 40.000-800.000 +
Most posts around 100 000 views

KAROKUL TikTok – top 25 in Norway on followers

Link to NRKs list over Norwegian TikTokers

Link to KAROKUL TikTok

Very high engagement

KAROKUL is on the top 27 list regarding followers, but regarding engagement, she is on the top 10 list with almost 19 000 000 hearts/likes totally, and a stable high engagement pr post on 10 000 to over 100 000 likes pr post.

TikTok with the Norwegian Singer/Songwriter Tix @tixmusic

KAROKUL TikTok with one of the most played singer/songwriters in Norway; Tix
@tixmusic on Instagram

Link to Tik Tok trending pages

TikTok for Dyreparken in Kristiansand (Zoo)

TikToks to promote MeetUp in The Zoo Dyreparken in Kristiansand, one of Norways biggest Zoo and amusement parks.

TikTok for JunkYard

JunkYard campaign with KAROKUL

TikTok and short video from The Gullsnutten Awards, the most prestigues YouTuber Award in Norway.

KAROKUL was nominated both to the title Up and Coming Star and the title Role Model.
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